Itinerary: Part 1

I will be flying from Cleveland into London on May 26th and leaving for Cleveland on July 14th.  A good deal of this trip is flexible for good reason. I may fall in love with Paris or decide I have seen enough of London after a couple of days. Through the advice of fellow hostelers or people that live in the cities I stay, I could find myself taking a day trip to a city I never planned to see or may never have heard of it. But as of now, the itinerary goes like this:

London–>Paris–>Berlin–>Prague–>Munich–>Vienna–>(possibly Bratislava, Slovakia and Bled, Slovenia)–>Venice—>Florence            –>Cinque Terre–>Pamplona(for the running of the bulls of course)–>Barcelona

Between Vienna and Venice as well as Cinque Terre and Pamplona I have some options as far as digging deeper into Italy or seeing Monaco, Switzerland, or whatever country I am feeling at the moment. 



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