Ready for Take-off

After all the planning the past several months for this trip, the day has finally arrived. No more prepping, buying equipment, and building up that bank account before it vanishes before my eyes. Today the epic journey and tale of Anthony taking on the globe finally begins. I would say I prepared myself as well as any person could but in the end I have no choice but to accept the imperfectionss and embrace the unpredictable. It may sound like hippy-talk, which it is, but that is how I will live my travels. Since I love motivational quotes, here’s one for you to ponder from Rick Reilly: “Inertia keeps most people from living the life they dream. It’s just safer to keep to the same path you’ve worn smooth”. This quote perfectly sums up the way I was living my life. I want to live the adventurous life and take chances but the greatest rewards in life come with some of the most intimidating obstacles that can be thrown at you. The path I was taking had been well worn and can lead to a happy life but in my gut I just knew something was not right. Step after small step I built up my courage to take that plunge into the black abyss, which is a big fat mystery but can possess the most exciting possibilities. Here’s to taking on the unknown!


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