Random Blurb #2

If I were a superhero my power would be the incredible ability to lose things in the most inconvenient way possible.

1. On my first day in Europe, I trudged through the pouring rain all across London in search of my hostel while trying to keep my backpack dry. For those wondering why I would choose to walk the entire city in less than ideal conditions without finding another mode of transportation, I had yet to figure out how to use the subway system, a style of transportation that eventually spared my legs many, many kilometers. Anyways, I kept pushing forward while stepping into every puddle that stood in my way before finally reaching the peculiarly dry and welcoming hostel that I would call my home for the next several nights. After dropping my all too heavy backpack to the floor, I realized my new backpack rain-cover was now missing. It must have slipped off along the way and found a permanent spot in the cold, wet streets of London.
2. I lost my Oyster card (the public transportation card for London)
3. I realized I left my conveniently collapsible water bottle near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris once all the way at the Eiffel Tower. After reversing my route on the metro, I somehow I found it still sitting there untouched (Paris is apparently too chic for hippy water bottles).
4. I forgot my microfiber shower towel in Paris at the previous night’s hostel. Luckily the towel was still there waiting for me later that night. While I went on this expedition, I randomly ended up talking to some Argentinians about Cleveland sports teams (I was simply surprised they had even heard of Cleveland).

I’m sure there will be more forgetfulness to come but hopefully it won’t include my passport or credit card (fingers crossed?!?). This does not even include the multiple heart attacks I had when I thought I lost the expensive and all too tiny paper metro ticket for Paris or the time I nearly could have left behind my credit card only to hear the card ping on the pavement. Wish me luck because I sure as heck could use some.


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