Random Blurb #3: An Update On Fear

As an aside and personal note, I have found myself taking chances to meet people in a way I never thought I would. Fear can be all too powerful but maybe because I have no other choice but to adapt, my ever growing confidence is chipping away at the once massive barricade that prevented all these possibilities from becoming reality. I have lost count on the number of opportunities to t alk to someone or try something different and adventurous have escaped me and passed me on a weekly basis. Now I am constantly striking up conversations with people in the hostels and elsewhere; some go absolutely nowhere or are extremely awkward (I tend to do that at times haha), yet I am not deterred from trying again. Although at times life on the road is exhausting (scratch that, all the time) and stressful, it has brought the best out of me. I have surprised myself by how capable I am of navigating a city by map (that may not sound like much to you but for someone that lives and dies by GPS it is a huge deal) or staying calm under pressure. I look forward to new challenges and experiences in whatever package they may come because I will be ready for them both good and bad.


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