Random Blurb #4: The Differences Between Americans and Brits

-when Americans are on vacation, the English take holidays
-in the educational system, Brits can finish secondary school at the age of 16 (essentially American high school G.E.D.) and either learn a trade or go on to prep school to prepare for Uni (the English term for university or college).
-at the age of 18, they join a university and graduate in 3 years. In those three years, the first one counts for absolutely nothing, all you have to do is pass or get 40%. The next two years account for 30% and 70% of their overall university grades respectively. To really hammer the nail into the coffin, masters degrees are only one year long. While Americans are graduating, British academics are completing their masters
-girls are called birds. So, I might say that bird over their is really foxy (just kidding only Jimi Hendrix and Austin Powers call girls foxy).
-if I did a Brit a favor, he would say cheers mate! (their way of saying thanks)
-if someone said something ridiculous, they might say “that’s fucking mental”
-after a long night of beers, someone might get “pissed” or drunk
-Australians call mcdonalds “mackers” instead of Micky-Ds
-Americans are viewed at through the lens of the American pie movies
-Americans find football (real football, not the crap with dashed lines all across the field and the only time the foot is used is by the kicker) to be a joke while Brits have barely any respect for American sports.
-if my friends and I want to have a great night at the bars in London and make the most out of the night, we want to do the city “proper”

-for the grand finale, the drinking age is 18 and public drinking is not illegal. Clearly they Brits know a thing or two.


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