Day 18: What The Heck Did I Just Get Myself Into?

Today, my dad and I bought our tickets to Zurich, Switzerland. I did not have a great idea of what exactly was in Swiss city; I just knew I wanted to be close to the mountains with plenty of hiking and swimming. Switzerland was never apart of the itinerary for my dad and I, let alone for my trip, but since we were covering everything I wanted to see in previous cities in a short period of time, I thought why not check out Switzerland. This whole plan was a spur of the moment kind of thing. After getting the tickets we stopped shortly at Munich’s new town hall to see the glockenspiel, which has clock tower performance on the hour. Having seen Munich and ready to move on, we boarded the train for Zurich. The train ride was short and relatively straight forward besides the obnoxious kids sitting nearby that I wanted to throw out the train windows. When we got out of the station we were quite confused how to get the hostel since Zurich has no metro system and bus transportation has not been my forte. Luckily, an American expat kindly helped us out. He took us to the right bus station when we were ready to walk to the hostel and he even gave me some recommendations on what I should see in Switzerland. He definitely sold me on traveling through southern Switzerland to see the Alps as well as the many lakes and valleys around the area that are quite conveniently near Italy such as the Cento Valley in Locarno. Following our check-in, we got something to eat and fully felt the pain of living in Switzerland; everything is outrageously expensive. Two sandwiches and a beer cost 38 Swiss francs (roughly 44 dollars!). I could have gotten a liter of beer from Hofbrauhaus for basically the same price. After dodging rain on the way back, I sat down in the hostel bar to watch the World Cup and try to figure out what we would be seeing and doing in Zurich. To my disappoint, all of the tallest mountains and best scenery were extremely expensive to get to. Realizing this, I got incredibly mad with myself since I thought I am pissing away time that could be spent elsewhere. With the structure of the itinerary in place with my dad, I am kind of limited at the moment. Taking some deep breaths hopefully will calm me down. Here I am in Europe seeing some of the most beautiful cities, museums, churches, parks, etc. and I am stressing out. Tomorrow, I will do what I can to make the most out of the day and appreciate where I am and appreciate the journey I have taken to get to this point. On the upside, I made plans to see what is supposed to be the largest waterfall in Europe at Rhine Falls and then swim in Lake Zurich. Yes I know, I deserve no pity haha.


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