Day 19: Zurich: The Best Pickpocket In Europe

After all the drama of the previous night, I began to accept the state of this leg of the trip. We rode the train to Rhine Falls, which to my relief did not disappoint. Now if you are expecting anything close to Niagara Falls, you might come away underwhelmed. Upon first fixating my sights to the grand expanse in front of me, the water rushed towards the distant edge while knifing through the rocky obstacles before it. Each water molecule seemed to be individually racing for the finish line by sliding over sheets of rock and miniature descents before reaching the ultimate goal. They joined as one for the home stretch in a monstrous heap of cloudy white into the depths below. Surrounding this arena dedicated to nature’s powerful glory was a grandstand of lively emerald green trees packed closely together, each anticipating a view of the action. Foremost of all in this aqua filled coliseum sat the king of them all, a medieval castle dictating his dominion from high above. While watching something of this magnitude, I can only come away thinking about nature’s power in my life. As much as I might try I can not prepare myself for everything; nature has a lot of control but that doesn’t mean I have to ride the current it chose for me. I am capable of veering off to see where other paths may lead me and take the bumps and bruises as they come. These bumps and bruises do not have a permanent stamp on me; they are only reminders of my strength to push through what was thought to be impossible. Anyways, moving on from that touching, life lesson moment, we hopped back on to the train and then transferred to another train destined for Uetliberg, the tallest point in Zurich on a hill. Although I would have rather been on the top of a mountain than a hill, Uetliberg provided a view of all of Zurich, its lake, and the mountains that I look forward to climbing off in the distant horizon. Having not had a chance to swim on my trip yet, I was anxiously awaiting taking a dip in the clear mountain water of Lake Zurich. After dealing with countless hot and perspiring days, Zurich failed me. Today the weather was cool with a smooth breeze flowing through, which made for a comfortable day of hiking but not so much for swimming. We used this time instead to walk along the waterfront of Lake Zurich, which ended up being a constant tease every step of the way. As with most European cities, I enjoyed the scenery of a city built around a body of water. With dinner approaching and my stomach throwing a fit, we headed back towards the hostel for some grub. With Zurich trying to rob us like a stealthy thief, we had to get creative with our food chance and that’s where a kebab shop came in. Of all the delicious and extravagant restaurants packed with fondue, cheese, and chocolates, we chose a falafel wrap and kebab wrap and boy for that price it was the best thing I have had in Zurich. Now, I must sit back and watch some football without the comforts of a friendly beverage at my side (#poormanbudget). By the way, we leave for Salzburg tomorrow morning; it should be interesting.


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