Day 27: Bled and So Much More

Based on recommendations from the hostel, I went on a hike to Vintar Gorge. I knew it was a bit of a ways out of town but it ended up taking much longer than I expected. Seeing signs at every turn teased me with the belief that I was so close (only 500 meters!). I just walked along through this town with the occasional person passing by as I sang aloud the music from my iPod. The Vintgar Gorge is a wooden path winding down a river tucked deep into the earth. The path itself is attached directly to the rock as you hang off over the series of rushing white water and falls. I learned through a brochure that some men died trying to build this gorgeous walkway. At the end of the path the tallest waterfalls of the river completed this majestic water adventure. Getting to and from Vintgar took up much of the day. After having one of my first self made meals (a pathetic display of cooking – Gorgonzola and salami sandwich), I walked around the lake and stumbled across the girls I met on the train. With Bled being such a tiny town and the lake being everyone’s focus, I frequently ran into people I knew; this would never happen in London or Paris. The lake is set at the perfect temperature; absolutely refreshing after a long day of hiking in the heat. With a personal recommendation from the Belgian I met on the island, I sought out the trail towards the top of the hill that supposedly gave the best view of the city, castle, island, and lake. The trail was not that extensive but after all the walking and carrying a somewhat backpack all day, the climb felt more like mounting Everest. The view of the land below was mesmerizing. I overpowered the lake that seemed so large not long ago. While trying to relax in peace all by myself from this perch, a Slovenian joined me. Normally I would be glad to converse with a native Slovenian but this guy was a nut case. He basically hated on Americans and dismissed some of the cities along my trip that I came to enjoy. I am definitely meeting quite a variety of people while traveling but for the most everyone is extremely easy going and friendly. Before watching the midnight U.S.-Portugal game, I went to unwind back at the room. A couple of the roommates were relaxing as well. I did not plan on staying in the room for long but we ended up talking for hours. Especially when the whole group got back later on, we talked about some of the differences between Brits and Americans. I tried to explain to them what a biscuit is. For the English, Oreos are a biscuit while we call much of what they eat as biscuits are cookies. I had a jaffycake (probably not how it’s actually spelled) for the first time, which sounded ridiculous to them. The cookie/biscuit was delicious; a not too sweet wafer cake with chocolate and orange on the inside. For some, we all really clicked and I practically felt apart of their group/little family. The U.S.-Portugal match might have been the best I have seen so far. The long night ended with a gut wrenching last minute goal by Portugal to steal what would have been a monumental win. As I put my head on the pillow, I had no idea what I was going to do tomorrow. I did not have another night booked in Bled and was unsure where to go next. Hopefully some inspiration will arrive in the morning.


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