Poetry Corner I

Marauding Mice 1
Long days, long nights
Slumber is within my grasp
A slow munching occurs
like a beaver chomping
through a woody forest
The chewing intensifies
Almost like a buzz saw
trying to tear down
my bedroom door
Soon the sounds evaporate
like a deserted town square
Sweet dreams may soon be mine
But no, a soft scamper trances the carpet floor
That varmint looks for its next hit
Like a ravenous addict

Marauding Mice 2
With the night having stretched too long
Like a rubber band begging for release
The books’ words have by now lost their meaning
Lights snuffed out
Like my memory of the facts that had laid before me
The cushion of my bed gives in like quicksand
Accepting my liberated limbs
My room is hushed
Like an uninhabited jungle
Soon, scratches and munches enter the void
A foe lay just outside my door
The portal stands
as penetrable as a green light
Claws sharp as a knife’s edge
Boring through my door stop
Like a jackhammer through paper
My night would not end so silently


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