Poetry Corner III: San Fermin

Version 1:

Droves and droves fill the streets
Dressed in full with pearly white—
Tempting the beasts with a hearty red
Lassoed around their collars
Chants echo and fill the void
Releasing the tension of the runners’ jitters
The time has been reached,
Men and women released
From their burgeoning corral
Waiting in the cool, still morning
For the booming release
Up above the firecracker shall go no higher
Bursting violently, egging on the half-ton creatures
Panicked shouts and forceful rumblings
Signal the oncoming rush
Of both man and beast
Joining the pack, living the thrill
Feeling the hot breath of los toros
A high not soon to be forgotten

Version 2:

Tense, heart beating wildly
Insides woven into stiff knots
The narrow corridor of shops,
Fellow, reckless runners,
Squeezing me tighter
A firecracker bursting,
Releasing my impending doom
A rumbling, fast approaching
Like a cascading wave
Of both man and beast
Spikes piercing the bobbing mass
Craving my virgin flesh
With a relentless bloodlust


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