Creative Writing II: Love and Loss

Fallen in Love
With her sprightly chestnut hair and strawberry red lips, I should have stood no chance. She has those mesmerizing kind of eyes that I could get lost in for days like looking up at a clear aqua sky. With my shovel in hand, I removed the heavy snow row by row unaware of how strenuous it has been in years past. Somehow, I feel a little lightness to my step. The first time she glanced at me my throat seized shut and my heart surged out of my chest. When I finally summoned the strength to walk over, I was quickly enveloped by her flowery lavender perfume. Ever since that moment, I cannot shake that aroma, just as I can’t evade the grasp she has upon my heart.

Painful Romantic Breakup
The rusty iron blade pierces my heart, twisting ever so carefully while surgically leaving far too little behind. She executed this all almost too easily, not realizing how much of a hold she had upon me. She cut with her knife sawing back and forth just as I glide outwards and back vacuuming this now empty house. My insides are tight refusing to play the inspired symphonies that were once so commonplace. Scraping away the caked lasagna particles that were strewn about the microwave, the scent of the meals that we used to prepare together over a few glasses of wine permeate my surroundings. Her laugh was wild and sometimes transformed into a howl but I always found it adorable because she was laughing at my jokes, too stupid and silly for anyone else to care for.


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