Creative Writing III: Driving

Rico rode out with his Mustang onto the quickly shadowing interstate destined for the car dealership across town. With the sky growing more and more overcast, he wished he could send his baby out on a higher note. Letting the car burn some of that still fresh rubber, he zipped and weaved through traffic and past the designated exit ramp; he wanted to savor every last moment he had of feeling the power of her surging engine at his fingertips. As darkness fully consumed his path, Heather enlightened the gloomy road ahead; he knew all too well that he would miss her two bright lights shining radiantly. Rain poured onto the interstate, bunching up traffic to a standstill from the overly slick pavement. Crowded in, restricting Heather’s chance to breathe and purr her sweet powerful purr, Rico felt overwhelmed and suffocated by his impending lack of freedom. The rain droplets kept cascading down and with each ding of Heather’s red, metallic body from the menacing, torrential rain, a little bit of his youth and independence crashed and splattered along with it. The road began to grow a little freer, letting Heather shine her two guiding lights a bit further into the distance. The rain slowed down and began to open up the sky to the stars and moon. Unable to gain enough traction, Rico was content to cruise with Heather to the dealership, soaking up the waning time he had with her.


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