Another Day, Another Adventure

Today I will be boarding a flight that will connect me through Los Angeles and take me all the way to Australia for the start of what should be another memorable experience. I simply cannot wait. Sure I am a little bit afraid. Who wouldn’t be when entering a foreign country all by himself/herself? But that fear/trepidation makes the adventure feel that much more real and true. I definitely am more confident in myself this time around. Besides going to college, I never really left home for a long period of time by myself and I had some friends there along the way. In Europe, I had to fend for myself. It was my responsibility to safely move from city to city and from country to country. I had to rely on my wits (suspect at best) to pull it all of: venturing through lands with foreign languages, cultures, and peoples. But somehow, someway I survived. I probably didnt give myself enough credit for what I was capable of. If there is any questioning that, I have that entire adventure to remind me, filled with new and thought-provoking people that I met, architecture and artwork that struck me in a way I will never forget, and food that rewrote my previous conception of what great food is. I think what that trip gave me most of all is a curiosity for the world that cannot be satiated. I want to learn more, see more, be challenged more. I can’t simply dip my toes into the water and be expected not to want to venture in deeper. You can’t buy that experience (I guess you can, but not the one I want). It is something that sweeps you up without you realizing it; a surprise unlike any other. I now have a world map posted on the wall in my room with pins strewn about. Partly, it is a goal to keep placing pins into that map but it is more than that. The map represents something to me; it represents the idea that the world is not far from my door, it is within grasp. So the next pins in the map will be pegged into Australia and New Zealand amongst the main cities I know not yet I will enter. This new adventure brings on new challenges and triumphs. For one, I have no idea how I will be transported from one place to another, but I will figure it out. I hope to couchsurf, which if you are not aware is a way to either host a member on your couch or sleep on that couch yourself. Who knows how it will turn but it will be another experience. I’m taking the good and the bad (not like I have a choice) because God only knows this trip will have its fair share of mishaps. All I know is it will be memorable one way or another.

To be continued…in Sydney, or earlier (I’ve got a lot to say)


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