A Long Day’s Night

The flight from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to LAX took a total of five hours, quite a bit of time to be stuffed in a plane but nothing compared to the stretch that awaited me on the next leg. The flight to Sydney from Los Angeles took an astounding 15 hours to complete. The nine-seat wide aircraft became home to me for the day. Packed tightly into this space, I had little to do but watch some films and pretend I didn’t know how much further it would take for us to touch down in Sydney. Sleep was infrequent and ended up being short spurts of napping mixed in with the standard flight snacks. Strapped into my seat for so long got me progressively fidgety. I’m not scared of flying but I hate sitting still. My body clock is about to be thrown through a whirlwind as the plane will arrive in Sydney just before 9 a.m. their time. My body thinks it is still 5 p.m. the evening before, within reach of dinner and eventually a good night’s sleep. Not the case. I’ve got a whole day ahead of me.


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