King’s Cross is Bloody Mad!

So I glazed over a few details about Sydney’s Kings Cross that I wanted to share with you. For one, I saw a hooker camping out near a strip club trying to put in some hard labor at three o’clock in the afternoon. At night I can visually hide her in the shadows but in the middle of the day my eyes were assaulted and dismayed by the sight of something I couldn’t be paid enough to take a second glance. As I mentioned before, my hostel likes to party. So on the morning after my second night in the hostel, I got out of bed early to go see the Blue Mountains. Before I could do so, I had to get my lunch from the fridge in the kitchen and fill up my water bottle. The kitchen was post-apocalypse messy with bottles and cups strewn about and the tables thrown out of order. Two guys sat next to each other at one table but I didn’t give them much attention. After filling my water bottle, I looked at the two guys once again before I left the room but this time at a different angle. The two of them were setting up lines of coke at 7 in the freaking morning!


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