Middle Earth Day 20: Will My Tent Survive the Onslaught of Rain?

I had my alarm set to wake me up at 7 in the morning. Upon waking up, I looked at my iPod and saw that it was 8:30. Son of a gun! By this time I was supposed to be already packed, tent wrapped up, and standing outside the aqua taxi dock station waiting to be picked up to start the boat trip along Abel Tasman. Instead I was sitting in my tent listening to the thorough outpouring of rain on my less than reliable tent. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I have next to no shot to get there in time plus packing up a tent in the rain sounds like the least appealing way to start the day. I ran over to reception and begged for an extra night stay since my piece of shit tent takes up next to no ground space. Luckily, they “managed to pull a few strings” to let me stay. As good as that news was, I still had a taxi to catch. They phoned to their reception and got the trip pushed off until tomorrow. Walking the trail today on a day like this would have been less than ideal when I could enjoy it on a sunny day like tomorrow. The day turned out to be quite boring but it allowed me to Skype my parents back home, catch up on my blogging, and research how to get vaccinations, travel insurance, and all that other fun stuff. After taking care of some of those administration details, I played cards with the Germans I met last night, Hans and Merlin, for a few hours. The rain continued unforgivingly on the tent village of Old Macdonald as sharp gusts of wind swept in and disturbed our games. Every once in awhile I checked on my tent to make sure it was still standing and not swollen with the penetrating rainfall. With only peanut butter and jam as my only foodstuffs, I need something else to eat for dinner. We went to eat gourmet burgers, which were not as good as Fergburger but after living off of grains and PB for the last couple days it tasted the great manna itself, stocked with hash browns, eggs, and avocado. Leading up to the moment we would celebrate New Years, we just sat around the table and chatted with a few beers in hand to welcome in 2015. In the last hour, we walked to the beach to take in the star filled sky and eventually a small firework display. It was an easygoing night but a great evening nonetheless. I needed to wake up early in the morning for the aqua taxi to take me to see all of Abel Tasman. A wonderful sunny day awaits tomorrow. Did I mention it was bone chillingly cold? I really regret not having jeans or a hoodie but then again I never planned on buying a tent and sleeping outside. Oh well, I will survive, maybe? To all of you I wish you a blessed New Year.


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