Lessons Learned About Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can offer so many benefits including the flexibility to get up and do whatever you please, the freedom to not be forced to rely on others’ travel plans and wishes, and the ability to meet so many people that you would never have the opportunity to do so if traveling in a group amongst a variety of other beneficial reasons. The lonesome road is not all sunshine and rainbows; it can get quite lonely. Sometimes, you don’t have someone to share that otherworldly experience with. As great as I can try to describe what I see and do and as good as my photographs may be, everyone back home will never be able to truly understand the feelings and emotions that I experience while on the road seeing these foreign places and meeting these people from all over the world. Alright back to those lessons. You should enjoy your own company. As much time as you may spend talking with all these international people, you spend a good amount of time with the road as your only friend. Wow, that sounds depressing after I read that over again. You should be able to enjoy silence. Eventually, especially on long walks and hikes, you will find that you are talking to yourself. It is natural, just accept it. Onto something more positive, traveling alone forces you out of your comfort zone. In a way, I am constantly in survival mode with only myself to rely on. If I get lost or stuck in a screwy situation, it all comes down to me as to how to get out of it. I am challenged into meeting people from all walks of life. With the amount of time that I have on my hands, I find myself considering and pondering things that I never did before. (To be continued…)


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