Things I Miss Most

Below I have assembled a rough list of the things I miss most while on the road.

-real food: either my mom’s home cooking or anything that I have whipped up in the past when I have an entire kitchen at my disposal. The simplicity of a well prepared vegetarian pasta would drive me bonkers right now.
-a bed: some kind of cushion that is not limited to the mere inch and a half that I have grown used to. Plus having my own room would be sweet as right now (having my own tent doesn’t count).
-sleep: that can’t be emphasized enough
-my parents, sister, friends, and all the rest: a friendly face from back home wouldn’t hurt. I am not homesick but I am sure halfway through my trek that may change a bit.
-my dog Lewey: enough said.

I’m sure this list will grow so to be continued…


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