Why Keep Blogging?

All this blogging takes a lot of time and energy so why do I do it?

First of all, I enjoy writing and talking about all the random things that happen to me in the most quirky way possible, using a variety of distinguishing adjectives that describe what I am seeing and what I am going through. Ten years from now, I will have pictures of my travels but now with this blog I will know what was going on in my crazed head and get a taste for what I was experiencing day by day. I can look back fondly at the stories of the people I met, the food I ate, the places I had seen, and the risks I had taken. Another big reason is to inspire whoever may stumble across some of my posts. I thought for a long time that traveling for longer spurts of time than most are able to accomplish would never be possible. Granted I am taking the unconventional path in life which is quite scary and confusing at times but I am finding that I am learning a lot more about myself. At the end of the day, it is about finding out what makes me tick. Through traveling, I am getting challenged on a daily basis by being thrown into a variety of circumstances. I hope that through reading this blog others may think that they can do the same, challenge the seemingly impossible. I’m no one special, I just have a great desire and curiosity to see what is outside my own little world. Anyone can easily do this. At first, I had a difficult time believing I could survive on my own but after awhile I realized you just need to be a little stubborn and you can go a long way. The world has really open up to me. Everything now seems so tangible and realistic. I’m not interested in the resort style of travel; the backpacker’s life has quite a few more winding roads and not such a clear view as to what is ahead. The backpacker must charge onwards and into the darkness believing in what they know. This kind of advice I need to take to heart as well. Finally, blogging for me is a peaceful experience; it stretches me out and forces me to reach deep inside myself and find out what is really there. It kind of reminds me of cooking actually. They both involve a lot of creativity and take up a fair amount of time. It calms the mind, body, and soul. Nirvana.


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