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2 thoughts on “Wai-o-tapu

  1. I was so HAPPY to see some pictures of you! I was so happy it made me cry. Miss you, think about you everyday! So very proud of you for conquering your fears. “You are a child of God. What have you to fear.” Makes me think of Colorado when I could not continue to walk that rocky path. It was just me and you (12 yrs old) I could see how you wanted to continue, but the fear stopped me. I allowed you to go and said you are in God’s hand. I did not want my fear to stop you. So I let you go by yourself to explore. I sat on a rock waiting and praying for your safe return. When you returned you were so excited about what your saw, telling me everything. I knew then I made the right decision to let you live your life not mine. “Meet everybody and every circumstance on the battlefield of life with courage of a hero and the smile of a conqueror.” Your my hero and you have the most beautiful smile. Love mom

  2. You’re making me cry! That is a moment I will never forget and I thank you again for letting me set off on my path. I don’t know know what awaits me but I am excited by the mystery of it. I love you so much. Through this I hope you can share in my adventures.

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