Middle Earth Day 30: Cathedral Cove

Before packing up my bags, I got some great travel advice on the Great Barrier Reef as far as a good diving company to go with from a Brazilian girl in my room. For a short while I Facetimed my sister, who originally would have welcomed me back to snowy Cleveland yesterday until my travels got extended. From there, I got on the bus for a trip up to Coromandel Peninsula. If I had the time, I would have preferred to hitchhike there but I didn’t feel like taking that chance with little time to spare. Not too much to say about today since a great deal of it involved sitting in buses on the way up north but I managed to keep myself busy. I checked into the most expensive hostel thus far on the trip since no other campsites or hostels/backpackers were available, which means I may only stay one more night. After they cleaned out my pockets, I had my saddest meal yet: a bowl of peanut butter, mixed Italian herbs, a can of chickpeas, cardboard flavored granola bars, and a touch of oil. It was as dry as it was tasty. Something must be seriously wrong with me since I just finished my second whole kilo of peanut butter. I don’t know how I have lasted this long and I am not sure if I should take a bow or what after that performance. Since I still had some daylight to work with, I decided to take the coastal walk to Cathedral Cove, which was a site in the film Chronicles of Narnia. From the path, I could peer out into the ocean where small islands and boulders shrouded in green bush stood out above the salty waters. The hike itself was essentially a walk in the park and led me through countless pine trees before dumping me off at the beach that housed Cathedral Cove. Cathedral Cove is a large piece of rock jutting into the water with a high arched hole that has been cut through it. The extrusion runs quite deep running from side to side. These instances in which nature randomly chose to form and etch certain figures that do not exist anywhere else in the world continue to befuddle me. Likely, it began as a cave that kept getting eaten away by the constant crashing of water until it broke through to the other side. Beyond the Cathedral itself, the whole beach is quite beautiful including the tan white rocks that have both bush and trees sticking up and out of it. I went for a short swim to a large rock that stood out from the rest within this main bay. The water was so immaculately clear that I could see thin foot-long fish swimming by. In moments like these I wish I had someone with me that could have taken a picture of me atop this rock looking out into the endless waters that weaved past all the time islands that stood in their way. I jumped a ten foot jump back into the water while wishing I could find something higher. A Dutch guy around my age seemed interested so I had him tag along with me to show him the way. We kept talking and eventually I met his friends that he was traveling with. We walked back to the car park together where they gave me a ride all the way back to Hahei. Going out of my way to meet and talk to a complete stranger came in handy. Back in Hahei, I lounged on the beach while watching the last bits of light escape the horizon. Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, or any other famous painter that I can’t seem to think could not possibly paint a picture as well as Mother Nature. On that beach, along with the many other natural wonders I have run across, I saw beauty beyond anything I found in the Louvre in Paris or any other museum I stepped foot in. These kinds of views you wish you could stay with and keep forever, not willing to let the image fade away. I made it back to the backpackers lodge, which is part of a larger resort composed of nice lodges and tents but it has nothing of any worth to someone my age. I was bored out of my mind! I tried watching a movie while attempting not to lose it as a group of annoying preteens screwed around before me. You have no idea how much I wanted to smack them across the face and beat some sense into their pint sized brains. I must sound like that old man on the rocker but rightly so. Well good night to you all wherever and whenever you may be.


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