Recipe: Oh-kra

-Two medium sized onions, chopped and diced

-Garlic powder but I would suggest using 6 or so cloves

-500 grams of good pasta sauce
-7 eggs
-12-14 okras, sliced into disks
-An entire head of spinach (including stalks, not just leafy greens), chop the stalks finely and either loosely cut the greens or tear them apart
-4 medium sized carrots, cut into quarters lengthwise before chopping them up into thin slices

-optional: eggplant might be interesting
-oil, not too much
-salt, not too much
-sage, basil, thyme, oregano

1) cook onions with oil on medium to high hear to begin caramelization before lowering heat and adding the garlic, continue cooking and occasionally mixing onions. It is not burning, just caramelizing
2) add salt, Italian herbs and spices, and curry with the carrots
3) sauté mixture
4) add chopped spinach stalks shortly after and continue to sauté
5) add okra a little while later
6) beginning adding the spinach and pasta sauce
7) when the spinach had started to show real progress towards wilting begin adding the eggs (2 of which should just be egg whites)
8) continue to cook down the stem as you don’t want it be overly liquidy
9) serve with toasted bread or baguette


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