Middle Earth Day 34: To All My German Friends- Auf Wiedersehen

It is hard saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to friends, family, and even places. Some places take ahold of you, no longer somewhere you have visited but rather now a place that you take with you, a small piece of you that makes you whole. Saying goodbye is never easy, always wishing there was a little more time, a minute or even one last second to hold on to. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean goodbye forever. You may cross paths again or you will be reminded of that time or place that you once experienced. Those worthwhile places and people change you and leave you a slightly different person, more evolved, more aware. Even after being long removed from that person or place, you know things aren’t quite the same, you look at things in a different light. Cheers to you New Zealand for wrestling a bit more out of me, pushing me past my own perceived limits, showing me I have got a lot left.

I left the hostel too early in the morning by bus taking me to the main hub of Auckland, a city that seems to share no blood with the rest of the islands, a place far removed from nature. Since I had no desire to spend any time in the city, I saved this bus ride for the last day. Kiwis apparently are so relaxed that I didn’t even have to take off my shoes while going through airport security. Being the lucky guy that I am, I was able to watch my beloved Kansas Jayhawks for the first time in too long on the airport televisions. God I love New Zealand! Qantas Airways was good as always with individual television screens, a gourmet meal (for an airplane of course), fresh raspberry lemonade, and an ice cream bar, all for a three hour flight, plus Kiwis are awesome. I passed through Sydney and got into Cairns just before 11 o’clock, or rather two in the morning according to my body clock. I can’t wait to slow down for a bit before kicking it back up again in a couple weeks when I head to Southeast Asia. Can’t sit still for too long.


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