Down Under Day 38: The Waiting Game

Once I again, I cleaned the toilets, showers, lounges, kitchens, blah, blah, blah. I will spare you the boredom but guess who found himself some free yogurt? This guy! I feel like I am Tom Hanks from Castaway. I am on foreign soil trying to scrap by with the resources that the land provides weathering storms and other forces of nature to survive. I have grown accustomed to talking to myself (unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of carrying a beach volleyball around with me). I have not yet needed to be my own dentist but I still have several months to go. To look the part, I really should start working on a bushy beard, a cross between a lumberjack and a homeless man. Keeping it classy, ladies and gentlemen. The day unfolded without much excitement but what’s there to say when most of my time here in Cairns is dedicated to planning my future travels. The beauty of all this planning is the fact that it is literally weeks not years away from occurring. So looking at pictures of far flung lands in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. don’t seem so far fetched; they are all within reach. Looking back, I still can’t believe how quickly my month in New Zealand went. The moment that I decided to embark on this quest feels so recent. Towards the end of the day, I jogged all the way to and along the Esplanade and back. I’ve got to keep moving if I want to stay fit while I keep eating the high class meals I’ve grown accustomed to on this trip. As difficult as the training had been at times, I miss preparing for my first half-marathon and can’t wait to do one when I get back. On the way back, I saw limitless black figures swooping through the air in a loud chatter. Not until later did I learn those were in fact bats and not the birds that I first surmised. Back at the hostel I collapsed into the miniature lagoon pool weightless. For dinner, I joined a girl from the hostel amongst others for a meal deal (roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding, which is puffy-like muffin made from pancake batter) that included drinks. I still can’t believe I have been in Cairns for this long.


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