Down Under Day 42: The Pool Boy

Today, I went about the morning doing my normal responsibilities until my skills were needed elsewhere. As luck would have it, I would have the opportunity to live my dream as a pool boy. In the undying heat of the blasting sun, I cleaned the pool area while being tormented by the proximity of the cool water that lay within my very grasp. I went shopping with a couple of girls, one from Hong Kong and the other from Columbia. Most of the day was inconsequential; I just spent the day and evening meeting more people whether they wanted to be talked to or not. Although not quite booked, I found out which scuba trip I will be taking: a 2 day, 1 night stay over on the boat for 6 dives including a night dive. I cooked a surprisingly stunning concoction of sautéed onions, garlic, and potatoes finished off with melting halloumi cheese and dill for me and the Columbian girl. For a backpacker, I am pulling off some Iron Chef quality meals, not to brag of course but I am pretty damn good. I learned a thing or two about the Columbian way and lifestyle which was quite interesting. Being the typically hot day that it normally is I cooled off in the pool to close the night. Even though it has been hard to feel stuck in Cairns, I do like the fact that I have been able to build up longer relationships with people, whether they may be my coworkers or backpackers that are staying here a while. Meeting great people, some of which are just as awkward, odd, and sarcastic as I am has made this time in Cairns better than just tolerable. I haven’t been able to see anything overly worthwhile but I am still learning and experiencing life in other ways such as the simplicity of meeting and communicating with people without regard. Slowly but surely I am working my way into my own, my own true self that appears sometimes but not as frequently as I would like from the shadows that can hide it so well. From time to time, I do love when people come up to ask me advice about Cairns or some other nearby travel adventure as I had a clue. I simply know jack squat about what happens outside this hostel. Another day, another adventure. One week down in Cairns, one week to go before departing to the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.


4 thoughts on “Down Under Day 42: The Pool Boy

  1. I would love to chit the chat before you leave:0 ) Have an incredible birthday! I’ll check with your parents on a time.

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