Down Under Day 43: King’s Speech

After getting further acquainted with the toilets, I continued my nonstop research. At first, I debated the merits of flying into Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or Bangkok, Thailand as my starting point into the Southeast. Since I needed to get to India and Nepal at some point, going east to west with Vietnam as my launching pad had its merits but at the end of the day I liked the familiarity that Thailand should bring as the main tourist hub of the region. Just like with my first trip in Europe, I liked that I started off with London first to get my bearings before proceeding to murkier waters. The principle shall hold true here as well. With that behind me, the need to shop for groceries at Rusty’s Market, which is filled with many stands selling a global bounty of produce, led me out of the boundaries of Tropic Days hostel. Eventually after much perusing, I had found what I came here in search of, mamey sapote. Along with a couple of those, I bought some Chinese spinach, dragon fruit (a beautifully deep pink fruit on the outside), paw paw, and a passion fruit. My roommate Dave and I went for a kick about near the hostel later on. I have sorely missed playing football (soccer); I would kill for a legitimate game at any point. We wanted to watch a BMX race on the grounds near us but unfortunately for us the BMX season would not start for another week. When the two of us got back to the hostel, I had discovered the most depressing news of all. Even though we had been getting air con throughout the day in the staff room ever since I got here, we weren’t actually supposed to be getting it for free. Some clever SOB found a way to jam the machine with a coin but that trick sadly ended a week too soon. Before I could get some sleep and book my flight to Bangkok, I played the role of teacher to my roommate, a girl from Hong Kong. Although she can speak English, plenty of times we have had misunderstandings about what she was trying to communicate to me. Extra curious and willing to learn, she asked for help to pronounce certain words she wasn’t quite familiar with. Since I always fancied the idea of possibly being a foreign language teacher aka teaching English abroad, I was up for the challenge. We went back and forth sounding out a few select words as I tried to break down the words into smaller, simpler sounds that she could understand before we lumped them all together. I was going in and out of the room, so whenever I reached for the door she either told me to wait or asked when I would be back so that we could practice more. I don’t know if I should be entrusted with the English language but I think I did it justice. Now, I shall attempt to fall asleep despite my bed resting within an oven.


2 thoughts on “Down Under Day 43: King’s Speech

  1. It was great chatting with you today!

    “We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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