Down Under Day 48: How Ya Goin?

For breakfast I tried marmite again. You may being thinking what got over me to want to torture myself with that foul spread that both Brits and Aussies alike adore so fondly. Out of pure curiosity, I had to eat it properly as the Brits and Aussies I had met advised me to do. Butter and lots of it. On a slice of bread, I lathered on enough butter to make Paula Dean proud before spreading on a thin layer of marmite. The smell would drive away any starving animal but I still managed to take that bite. The flavor was surprisingly good with the marmite adding a funky fermented and salty element to the flavor explosion my tastebuds were experiencing. I am not about to run over to the grocer to buy a tub but now I can have a little more respect for the lunacy of the food. Getting past the routine part of the day, I rode the borrowed bike to the Railway Newsagency to see if my package from home managed to arrive. I had begun to lose hope after talking to the post office and started to look at ways to have it sent to Bangkok. Thank my lucky stars the package got in that day. At the library, I opened it up to find three pictures of my family and my dog Lewey; they will be guarded closely along with my passport as I travel from country to country getting further away from what I call home. The never ending search continued. Even if I had months to prepare, I would still not be able to plan out the ‘perfect’ trip, whatever that means. By chance if I somehow managed to assembled the perfect trip, would I really want that at the end of the day. Travel agencies and tour guides put together these well thought out travel packages for those wanting to “see all the sights” but that service and experience drastically reduces the opportunity for chance and the novelty of a true backpacking experience. Who knows who I will meet and who knows what places I discover that will be remembered as more beautiful and memorable than what most others may think. I don’t want perfect. Give me all the awkwardness and quirks that come with traveling because that is where the best stories and memories can be found. While perusing the Internet for places to see and continuing to unravel the mystery of visas and border control, someone awakened me from my tranced state of mind. A girl that I had met and talked to on both occasions while bouldering came into view. After getting over the oddity of seeing her again, she sat down and we talked for awhile. We shared each other’s travels and otherwise. Staying in hostels and engaging in the activities you are passionate about, you are kind of part of a weird speed dating experience but for friends and the number of people I have truly enjoyed meeting and would like to keep in touch with are impossible to count. I cannot say this enough but it has been and always will be the people I have met that have defined the travel moment more times than not. Some serious zzz’s have slapped me over the head and an early night is in order.

If you are still wondering why I titles this post ‘How Ya Goin’, it is the common phrase of Aussies in asking how are you doing?


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