Down Under Day 49: Where Did the Time Go?

Day forty nine represents a couple milestones for me. On this day I have now tied the amount of time of my Europe trip at a total of seven weeks. Today is also the last time I went through and cleaned the bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens of Tropic Days after fourteen days on the job. I have a sinking feeling that I will miss those bathrooms as I proceed further in my travels into the not so westernized world of Southeast Asia. After my last shift, I went about town on a borrowed bike to get a hair cut, purchase some photos that will be needed to process visa applications, bought a SE Asia travel book, and went to the library for further research. Lately, I have been wearing the same torn and crudely ‘tie-dyed’ hostel staff shifts that are required to be worn while working for the great remainder of the day. Since I will be swearing around the town why bother sweating into something else. At the point looking into the mirror, I realized I had crossed a fine line. The difference between a tourist and a backpacker is quite wide with tourists wearing fine clothes from back home while a backpacker wears average clothing that doesn’t carry the extra weight of a wide wardrobe. My appearance lately has not fit into that range; I have worked my way to a much grungier place that few are willing to explore for good reason. I am walking through town in what some might charitably define as clothing around people that probably wonder if I got lost finding the nearest soup kitchen. No point trying to be made here just allowing you an opportunity to walk in my shoes, which is some dangerous territory. Back at la casa Tropic Days I made a meal entirely out of what I found from the free bins in the various kitchens within the hostel. I made a pasta composed of spaghetti noodles and fried eggs sautéed with almonds, garlic, italian herbs, curry powder, and BBQ sauce with a splash of milk to lighten things up a bit. It wasn’t decent and quite good for what I was working with. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. This is a cookbook waiting to happen. Heck, I could write one entirely on how to live off of peanut butter. The possibilities are endless. One thing I can guarantee you is that it hasn’t been done before. Tomorrow I will be boarding the boat for the Great Barrier Reef, the trip I have long awaited.


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