Lessons Learned While Globetrotting (Part 3)

People don’t know or rather have not seen enough of their own country. I give a lot of flak about Americans for not traveling but it is true in general that people don’t see enough of their own homeland. For those adventurous and curious enough, the natural inclination is to go the other side of the world. I do admit that I have so much more that I would like to see in the U.S. that many countries in the world can’t even touch, specifically our many outstanding national parks in the west, but in my opinion a lot of that can be done at a later time. Traveling through Southeast Asia, Nepal, and India the way I plan on traveling would not be something I would like to do in my forties because much of this I would only want to put up with in the here and now. All this being said, that is beside the point. I have met many people, including the burgeoning number of German travelers, that have yet to see much of their own country, countries that are much smaller than the U.S. obviously to the scale of a couple states at most. Most agree with me that when we get back home and have the time we will see our countries and look at with the curiosity that it deserves and not take it for granted. Thanks to my family I have been blessed to see many places in the United States that most haven’t been lucky enough to discover. I will stand behind my argument that the best experiences come from the wide range of cultural, historical, architectural, etc. opportunities that can be best absorbed while abroad. However, knowing your own country and taking pride in that place has its merits and lessons as well. I look forward to experiencing the U.S. on my own and taking the skills I have learned abroad and apply them to my own country.


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