Lessons Learned While Globetrotting (Part 4)

I liken the sights and sounds of traveling to a baby laying down in his or her bed as the airplanes, trucks, teddy bears, unicorns, etc. twirl above their head. The comparison or metaphor sounds bizarre but stick with me as I take you through the warped, otherworldly mind of Anthony. Tread lightly and keep a keen eye as the road may get bumpy without a handy guide. This idea came to mind while walking the streets of Bangkok, overwhelmed and enthralled by all the different ways my senses were challenged to adapt and question the status quo. I am like that very child seeing new and exciting things before me each and every day, with each new sunrise sprouting more surprises. Everything I see is beyond compare and just like that child I am tickled by how much I am learning and absorbing on a daily basis, smiling wider each time that I take one step forward in my literal and figurative journey. Even though those toys perform the same magic, the child is still dazzled nonetheless, regardless of an encore show. This is where I and many others need to learn once we grow up. Sure that sunset glowed the first time we saw it and probably we were taken aback at the first instance we stared up into a dark sky taking in a starry night but the lesson to be learned is to find the joy, value, and appreciation when it twirls around that second time when we might see it coming. The scenery and magic is still there, we just need to meet it halfway.


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