Random Thought of the Day: Part 1

Some may say that I need to get this whole traveling bug out of my system. Why should such a thing be necessary? Should I be letting this genuine desire to live fully and passionately, to explore the world and most importantly myself, escape me. Once I get home, I have no plans on continuing to live my life as I had before. Sure I will need to play along with society’s rules to a certain degree but for the most part it’s a farce. Going back to the place I was before, and I mean a figurative place, would reveal that I have learned nothing from my time here. Traveling and challenging myself in new ways unthinkable to most people is the easy part. The real challenge comes when I leave the road and go back home when it would be all too easy to return to the old ways of doing things. After my European Trip I thought that I had finally hit my stride, that I had conquered my own personal demons, but sure enough as time progressed they returned and I felt as though that trip had never occurred as if it were all some far off dream. I would hate for that to happen once more but some habits and tendencies can be difficult to break.


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