Thailand Day 70: A Chinese New Year

I can’t believe I am already at day 70 of this trip and have just started to get my feet wet as far as the length of this trip goes. I have seen so much, met so many different and interesting people, and felt the seemingly full gamut of emotions and yet, so much more lays ahead.

Apparently, Thailand is known as The Land of a Thousand Smiles. From my experience I can definitely back that trademark. Although they may not have the most ideal and cleanest situations, they are more than happy and are willing to share that happiness with others in the form of a smile and any help that they may be able to bring.

I had to say goodbye to my roomies for the past couple nights; we may have had our fair share of misunderstandings crossing the English-French border but I couldn’t have asked for better people to share a room with. Traveling long stretches by bus or train should be more tiresome but by now I have grown accustomed to it. Three five of us (Alaskan, English, and two Polish girls) got into Bangkok and first went to check into a hostel. For some reason, the Alaskan girl, English guy, and myself ended up sharing a room with two single beds; we pushed the two beds together and hoped for the best. After that we walked around Chinatown and ate at a nice Indian restaurant. The mutton masala, naan, paneer, and authentic Indian desserts were a welcome break to the typical face I have been forced to get used to. As good as Thai food can be, I miss some Western dishes and the ability to cook my own food to taste. Chinatown was packed thoroughly with people: a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare. I enjoyed seeing the sea of red dressed people and glowing lanterns hanging up above but I had finally had enough of Bangkok; I did not want to spend one more second in this city. I had been debating whether I would take the overnight bus the following day to Krabi and Southern Thailand or take the slightly more expensive route by air. Today and its nonstop commotion and overflow of people made the decision quite easy for me. We saw some Chinese dances on a stage but all I had wanted to watch was the dragon parade and I left disappointed. Before doing so, I had always been eyeing a taste of durian fruit (nicknamed the king of fruits) despite how badly it smelled and knowing the potential awful flavor it may have. Steve the English and I split a portion and were met with an assault on the tastebuds. I honestly don’t know if I have ever tried something so foul and wretched. It tasted like an onion flavored banana, which is not an exaggeration as we had eventually came to a consensus on unique taste. Some pad Thai was in order to offset the misguided decision to eat such a thing. We finished off the night at a legitimate Thai bar (I can say this since we were the only white people in the bar let alone the street itself) playing some catchphrase and charades while going through a tower of Chang beer. Being as weird as can be, we sang some Thai karaoke, aka all the words were in Thai. Keeping my fingers crossed, tonight will be my last night in Bangkok ever!


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