Thailand Day 71: Goodbye Bangkok! I Hope We Never Meet Again

My flight for Krabi didn’t leave until 5 pm today. Thinking ahead, I got airport transportation that would whisk me out of Bangkok proper at 2 pm so I could have spent some time seeing ‘attractions’ and sites I missed out on during my first time in Bangkok but by now I had had enough of Bangkok. The less time I spent in this city the better. I guess this is some good advice for myself going forward, especially in Southeast Asia. Big cities and I, at least ones devoid of history and unique cultural qualities, just don’t get along. As many bars, restaurants, and standard temples it may have, I would much rather explore the countryside and the old ways of the nation’s peoples rather than the overpopulation of an area that seems ready to burst. My patience has worn thin and I crave being in a place where I am not constantly attacked by tuk-tuk drivers and swarmed by throngs of clueless tourists. I could continue my rant but I will save my energy for celebrating the fact that Bangkok will be removed from my life. On the short, one hour or so jaunt from Bangkok (my skin crawls just seeing the name of the city, the city that should not be named) I chatted with a Dutch guy who sat next to me during the flight. He and I as well as a few others (two Canadians and a Swede) left our departure point in search of accommodation. The Dutch guy went his separate way with plans to meet up with us once we all got rid of our bags at the hostel I had booked. This hostel dormitory was the second time I slept in a place with the mattresses laying directly on the ground, devoid of any bunks. After reconvening, we spent the rest of the night at a night market eating pad Thai and other street food while watching the continuation of the Chinese New Year celebration highlighted by little Chinese kids dancing the night away to the tune of traditional Asian favorites and imitations of American pop songs. Eventually we found ourselves at a bar called The Playground for some mega-sized Jenga and the usual bar fare. I was beyond exhausted starting in the early afternoon as the lack of sleep has continued to pile up on me so Tony needed an earlier night than most.


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