Odd Observations: 1st Edition

Over my time in Thailand, I have seen quite a lot but one observation has not yet been made clear. Thai people have a unique way of taking away their meals from the many food stalls lining the streets. After choosing the particular soup, exotic meat, rice based meal, etc. that fits their fancy, the person scoops it into a clear plastic bag looking quite similar to a bag you may put a goldfish in to transport back home. Essentially this plastic bag is their lunch pail. Those plastic bags are not limited to food alone. Your favorite sodas that once resided in the usual glass bottle are poured into a plastic bag with handles from which you drink with a straw. I had to give that sight a double take but these Thais are hurting for money in any way they can so they collect all the bottles and recycle them for money, plus it turns into a unique experience unlike anything you might be used to.


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