Odd Observations: 2nd Edition

1.) I love people watching; it has turned into my favorite pastime. The things people do can be so bizarre and off the wall that you can’t help but look. I am sorry but Asians, especially Chinese, are the most comical. You have no idea what they are saying but the associated actions speak loudly enough to give you a clear picture. With my mind constantly churning with thoughts, I can’t stop myself from putting words in their mouths and creating some kind of weird back story that just gets crazier and crazier as the action continues to unfold. It is like something off the Telemundo network or some Spanish soap opera in which the words mean nothing to you but you laugh from the pure randomness they display.

2.) Westeners, or rather people with too much money, are ruining the islands and other worthwhile sites for the rest of us, aka the backpackers and other budget travelers. They either don’t care or are too ignorant to simply barter with local shop keepers. The prices continue to rise as the rich shed their thick stacks of baht unaware that this feeds unrealistic expectations. Some places, namely Koh Phi Phi and who knows where else, are rising to Western level prices because people don’t think twice about it. Possibly a poor example but the situation is like feeding bananas and other treats to wild animals, especially the monkeys I have seen. Every time they are fed a grape or banana from someone, the monkeys expect the same result from everyone, believing that the gravy train will continue. I know these Thai people have poorer lives than most but all I am saying is that we shouldn’t be paying more than a local (at most, a slight bump). I have seen and experienced enough scams to think this way. Most Thais are extremely friendly, treating you with the hospitality that a close family member might. However, the sad fact is that touts, tuk-tuk drivers, and travel agencies create a poor image of how a Thai may be because most frequent interactions, especially on the well paved travel road through Thailand, involve these people that have a relentless lust to reach into my pockets and clean my wallet of a little green. Just saying.


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