Thailand Day 79: A Whole Lotta Nada Part 2: The Revenge of the Beach

After willing myself out of my comfy bed, I bought the minivan bus ticket that will take me to Phuket airport for my Wednesday flight through Singapore and then onward the following morning to Myanmar. With that settled, I accomplished all that I needed to accomplish for the day. I know right, doing big things. A cool Swede that I met in the hostel joined me for a swim in the sea. I love swimming laps at the local pool but swimming amongst waves and in a salty brine like the sea is much more of a challenge. The waves constantly threw us off course as we tried to stay near one another. From above it looked like two discombobulated sound waves rippling along at a snail’s pace. It has been some time since I swam like this (snorkeling is cake in comparison). I felt as though we had covered the full length of the beach but after the seemingly long time that we swam I could still clearly see our starting point. Someone could have walked there and back a good several times in that span but out here amongst the never ending flow and wave I got a killer workout. After retreading our kicks and strokes, we hit the beach for some sun and good ol’ napping time. With the heat of the sand below me and the rays cast down on me from above, my skin tickled like a Thai massage might. You might ask what stirring conversations I may be having with all these travelers from around the world. Sometimes we cover topics like politics, sport, or international diplomacy but most of the time we bullshit like I would with any other friend back home. At the end of the day, this tough isn’t that complicated. As distanced as we may be in the world, we all want and need similar things (maybe with a slight twist), which can make bonding so simple and easy. After a much needed shower, I took a nap since the sun sapped a tad bit of my energy. Bumming around the whole day is not as easy as it looks; it takes a certain skill to pull it off.


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