Odd Observations: 3rd Edition

As much as Southeast Asia can be cheap, the amount of water I go through to keep up with the demands of the heat has made H2O one of my biggest expenses. I wish I had taken a running tally to figure out many bottles I have gone through and realized the total expenditure.

Cambodians have a unique transaction system in place with respect to money. With 4000 Cambodian riel equal to one U.S. dollar, the two currencies are used interchangeably. Most ATMs tend to spit out USD rather than riel. If I can somehow get someone to accept a $20 for a $2 meal bill, they will usually give me a ten dollar bill or at least the largest bills in American dollars and give the remainder change in riel. Since no coins exist in Cambodia and when a bill is not rounded to a whole dollar figure, the change comes in the form of time riel notes.


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