Lessons Learned While Globetrotting (Part 6)

This trip is molding me into the person I want to become and into the person I always thought I could be. Granted I would like to cut out the stress that travel brings but I like the person that I have seen handle social situations whether it be making friends or handling a situation that doesn’t afford me to sit back and wait. In a way, I am taking life by the balls. If I want to make it out alive, I have to adapt and grow or be left behind in the dust. In a weird way, I at times feel like I am preparing for war. You or yesteryear Anthony would not recognize the Anthony of present and the ever evolving Anthony of the future. This trip has worn me down to the core but allowed me to build myself back up in ways I never thought possible. Who knew I could be so social? Who knew that I could stay content within myself despite the racket and chatter of the ignorant fools that sometimes consume my path as I hold on to what I know as true? Who knew that I could take the worst that life can throw at me causing me to stagger a few steps backwards before bouncing back and lunging forward once more? Who knew? Life isn’t easy as I learn day after day but I sure am lucky. I have to walk past people struggling to make a living and to feed their kids’ bellies despite working hard outside in the blazing heat amidst other third world conditions. I can’t erase that from my subconscious. Each moment and instance makes me sick but provides me with another reason to be thankful for where I was born and blessed to be raised into the family that I was. Seeing their beautiful bright faces through the muck and mire that can persist in the lives further reveals to me how little I have to complain about when they find no reason to. Despite the hardships that come and go (with time they do), I know how lucky I am to be alive to experience each and every one of those setbacks as each shows me that I am alive and ready to take on more and experience the treasures of life that will surely unfold despite what anyone else might say. 


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