‘Wats’ in Cambodia? Day 136: The Beach Life

I took the slow ferry to Koh Rong and on the way there I heard some of the hidden secrets worth exploring on and around the island from a resident dive master, which will hopefully occupy my time since I struggle to sit still and relax for too long. As we inched within docking, the island already looked incredible and much more remote than the overly luxurious Koh Phi Phi experience over in Thailand. I met a Minnesotan originally from Ethiopia upon arrival and decided to team up for a double room to have a little more privacy than a dorm and still cheaper. After checking into the room with a simply done queen sized bed which is always cute, the two of us walked along the beach (nothing romantic or anything; you know you’ve got to have some limits) in pursuit of a little slice of paradise and golden white sand to call our own. To get to Long Beach, which we could see into the distance (a promising and tempting sight when baking in the full blown sun), we had to cross over a series of many large weathered boulders which lined the not so sandy beach. Once we executed the full obstacle course jumping and climbing to and fro amongst the rocks, we arrived at the beginning of the sun kissed sands making up Long Beach. Unfortunately, our journey ended sooner than expected when security told us to turn back since Cambodian television was filming their version of the TV show Survivor on the most tourists island in Cambodia of all places. We met a British guy living in Vietnam along the way who joined us for some R n R on the beach as well as a stray puppy dog who snuggled up against my side looking quite comfortable. The beach was truly fine maybe not Australian beach worthy but with the peace and quiet it provided as well as the further islands that etched the horizon how could I complain? After retreading our steps this time upon the more steady ground of the jungle, we chowed down on lunch before each of us got some personal time to relax and not have a care in the world before meeting up again once more. We planned on exploring some possible beaches in the opposite direction but when the path dead-ended at more rocky coastline we chose to explore the inside of our eyelids from the comfort of handmade bamboo hammocks, which were far more comfortable than I had given them credit for. After escaping the initial storms that will grow stronger and more menacing as Southeast Asia approaches the monsoon season, we lounged about in the water. The rest of the evening brought food (BBQed barracuda and what I turned into an all you can eat salad bar) and drink and plans to visit a nearby island tomorrow by kayak for snorkeling the reef and coral that has decided to wrap itself around this isolated perch of land. 


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