‘Wats’ in Cambodia’?’ Day 142: A Peanut Butter Paradise

I woke up earlier than all the rest and needed to find a new form of accommodation since my group would be returning to Koh Rong while I would be basking in the solitude of Samloem for one more night. I booked a dorm bed at an open air double decker resort within easy view of the bay (plus the unique luxury of running water) before lugging my body double for a second lap there. Now that the Vietnamese had mostly cleared out the island had a quieter vibe if that were even possible, a fact I would never complain about. I still had some peanut butter left in the jar and with some cheap baguettes (both quality and price) I was determined to last through the entire day with just peanut butter and bread alone. As the wise saying goes, when life gives you peanut butter you make PB sandwiches and I would never oppose such thoroughly insightful logic. Before they had to catch their ferry we crossed over the much easier and well worn path to Lazy Beach on the other side of the island through the forested jungle. Jektor (like Hector but without the sound of the initial consonant) and I dove straight into the water for snorkeling. When I first arrived on the island, I had seen maps highlighting some of the dive sites used by the diving shop and used them as a reference to find the best spots for locating color coral and fishies. This stretch that bordered the outcropping of rocks along the land had much more depth to explore but was not as lively as far as coral goes yet still sprouted enough amorphous ambiance amid the various schools of fish that strutted by. After some time back on the beach, we had to get back to Saracen Bay. After we put behind us the regretful goodbyes as they ambled the pier to their ferry, I went to my bed for some more peanut butter and dry bread as well as a siesta. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you put your mind to something. Beyond the fact that I wanted to save some money with this lofty goal, I wanted to genuinely see if it could be done or whether I met have a PB overdose. Although this peanut butter was not the au naturale spread that I have grown accustomed to, it satisfied the addict’s taste. Eventually the bay pulled me back into the water to cool off since the dry season has become quite a bear for me out here. With the sun setting beyond the hills, the sky lit up with its fiery embers. I met a Vietnamese couple while soaking in my last moments of this paradise. I had been trying to practice some Vietnamese in my spare time on the island in preparation for my biking journey through the country so I wanted test my very limited knowledge. They of course had to take absurd photos with me with a dead crab as a prop. I immersed myself into the Asian culture of absurd photos that can entertain even the most smug Westerner. To close the night I went to the deserted bar and chatted with an English girl volunteering in Phnom Penh, who I had clear opposing opinions of the city she calls home. Anyways after seeing enough enlarged mice scurry by on the sand below as well as one within the bar itself, I slept uneasy through the night wondering whether a couple of them might try to cuddle with me in the night. With every sound nearby no matter the pitch and tone, I had to slap the mattress or ruffle my bag to scare away whatever may or may not be near. 


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