Riding Vietnam Day 163: Couchsurfer’s Infirmary

For breakfast to begin my day, I had a disappointing bowl of fish noodle soup called bun ca with Thomas, Tuan, and my future Vietnamese wife/Tuan’s girlfriend. We then relaxed at a coffee shop for some hard core, shake you out of sleep Vietnamese brewed coffee. I love the coffee shop culture; everyone is sitting around chatting away with no necessary need to get up and moving, willing to simply enjoy each other’s company with. Beyond rocking my own confidence and tearing into my skin, the crash knocked my bike around to the point it needed a few repairs. With the help of Tuan as a translator, the mechanic bent back my left foot peg to its original place while also readjusting my frame and broken mirrors. I haven’t even reached the halfway point in my journey and already I have made multiple repairs to the point I practically have a fresh new bike that will undoubtedly find another way to break down. The joys of riding cheap Chinese imitation Honda bikes. At around 11 am Tuan said lunch is ready. After I just ate breakfast not too long ago I was incredulous at such a statement. To avoid being rude I had to eat something to not offend our hosts. I fiddled around with some of the water spinach and soup to avoid bursting at the seams. Coming into Buon Ma Thuot injury-free, I had hoped to experience more of the surrounding areas but I had no choice but to mend my wounds. While Thomas rode out into the countryside to view some nearby waterfalls that looked like a very miniature Niagara Falls based on the tempting photos, I had to content myself with catching up on my blog and resting my ailing body. The risk of riding around the day after my injury ended up not being worth it when I had a long ride waiting for me tomorrow. We all rejoined for dinner featuring essentially either leftovers or a freshly made reiteration of the same meals as before but I wasn’t going to complain since we were staying at their home with full satisfying meals free of charge. While Tuan worked from home, Thomas and I went on a walk around town to more or less kill time. Locals either stared at us until I awoken them from their daze with a ‘xin chao’ or said hello proudly to us. Guys on motorbikes shouted hello as they passed us by until their girlfriends sitting behind them as passengers slapped them as if they were embarrassed. Asian girls are so shy and timid. They may look in your direction with a smile but hide away at first recognition. The two of us stopped into an acoustic bar to mainly listen to some music. The place had a small stage with a guitar, microphone and some kind of box used a drum. After listening to them play their music which we didn’t understand but could appreciate nonetheless, we tried our hand at it. We attempted the song ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles with lyrics from my iPod Touch (like I could ever memorize a song). I was on vocals (I know a scary sight and sound) while Thomas strummed the guitar and a Vietnamese guy joined in with the drums. I was so off key and Thomas forgot half the chords so I brave attempt to show off our musical talents were quickly souring. Eventually I decided to let Thomas do a song of his own while devolved myself into a glorified microphone stand. After two short songs we couldn’t get off the stage quick enough even though they probably would have loved to have seen more of this peculiar sight. Before leaving altogether I couldn’t help but ending with a bow for my talent on stage. Even though the night was still relatively early for Western standards, the street back to our Couchsurfing home had been all but deserted. Once again, I slept awkwardly sprawled out like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. 


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