Now in Laos Day 208: Nothingness

Today resulted in not much of anything besides sleeping in as late as humanely possible in my air-conditioned solo den, ridding myself of that God forsaken motorbike once and for all, and play nurse once again to my own wounds washing them out and scraping away at the depositing puss and potential infections. After all this time moving at rapid speed always thinking about what is next: where to go and what sight to see, it was necessary to finally give myself a break and relax knowing I had no place to rush off and to be. The motorbike rental owner did make me feel better telling me that I was the first one to attempt venturing out to Xe Bang Fai in the last two months and despite not getting explore its mysteries I had come along way to reach it and that is something to be proud of. The pharmacies here in Asia continue to surprise me with their lack of requisite supplies but I had to make due with their expensive bandages that set me back a shade under two dollars for just five of them. During my time hiding out in the coolness of my room or shade I chatted with some German hippies and then the rare American for street eats. We randomly talked to the rare Laos guy there that spoke English who just so happened to be doing conservation work at Xe Bang Fai as one of his projects. He showed me some of the pictures of the inner treasures of the cave and each one tore a little bit of my heart out. Before I could fully return to my room and get under the covers chilled by the gusts of the air-con, I arranged for my public transit travel to Kong Lor Cave. Riding a motorbike would have been slightly cheaper, more convenient, and more cost effective but I wouldn’t dare chance it no matter the road conditions considering the state of my mind after it had been seared with the constant memories of battered and bruised falls. 


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