Last Days in SE Asia Day 213: Foodie Part 2

I woke up and checked out of the hostel but still left my bags to hang around. Also of note, I picked up my freshly cleaned laundry clothes for the first time in easily two weeks and booked a stay at a somewhat nice hotel near the airport with free airport shuttle transport which was quite convenient and necessary considering my flight would be leaving at 9:15 in the morning tomorrow. Once again today’s sole mission was to go out and eat Western food and that is exactly how the day played out. I found a place serving Mexican burritos and devoured that chorizo sausage and avocado filled  mecca with its deserved side salsas quicker than I would have liked but damn did I enjoy each bite until I saw the sight of that bill. If you want to eat well and avoid the otherwise good local eats in Bangkok that are perfectly delectable (but in my case I can’t stomach the thought it after all my time in SE Asia), you will be paying for it to the tune of NYC prices. This is all not to say I regret eating these Western meals that I so desperately required in this time of need but considering I could spend whole days put here in Asia for that single meal things were put quickly into perspective. I still was not stopped from getting some ice cream and treating myself to a jar of peanut butter for whenever the time called for it. Also, I stocked up necessary first aid supplies which were somehow cheaper here than in the middle of no man’s land Asia. Before going back to the hostel to collect my belongings, I lingered my exploration in this expansive space of gourmet foods that offered a short-termed touch of home. I clearly looked out of place with my dirty ragged clothes and hair especially around high-heeled studded women and fancy pants and watch businessmen and other well maintained people but I didn’t care. After picking up my luggage I paid my last visit to 7/11 before boarding the sky train to the airport where I would get my free shuttle to the hotel. I lived the life of luxury for a night before falling asleep later than planned. 


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