Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 215: A Hard Sell

First day in Delhi relaxed, just trying to get settled

Chaos as far smells, traffic, and people
Bought Indian SIM card
Went to Connaught place with the time I had left in the day
Explored the maze of outdoor and underground markets
Pulled into a travel agency by English student
Got connived and convinced to buy a flight and houseboat package deal in Srinagar
Had doubts but chose not to abide
The idea of being around the cool mountain air and within reach of trekking eased me in this direction
Friend of travel agent rode me back to my hostel where I got some reassurance by hostel owner
I have learned that I should in my thoughts and wisdom over any others; listen to my inner voice and conscience
Man took me to his home to have lassi and have a dinner my stomach wasn’t prepared for
I played with his energetic, beautiful daughter Loveya
Regretted my decision but what was done is done and I had an early flight to wake up for tomorrow morning

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