Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 218: Listening to that Inner Voice

Woke up at six or seven in the morning in a panic

I went back and forth between doing and not doing the trek a thousand times over despite my parents’ reassurance
Something didn’t feel right and I was having an inner battle that made me sick
I banged my head against the bed and my India lonely planet book hoping for some divine intervention
I was completely out of sorts unable to process anything lowering myself to my weakest, most helpless state
Luckily I finally uncovered a trekking company doing the Kashmir Great Lakes which is essentially what this houseboat guy was offering but for far cheaper to the tune of 1/7 of the price ($212) for seven days with a reputable company
I wasn’t going to let this scam ring continue any longer
I knew what was right all along and now was being reaffirmed of my beliefs and rewarded for my inner mental battle
Now I had to explain to the guy that I wasn’t going to trek and not pay what he had asked for
Despite all the pressures around me including my parents (I have no qualms with them; they just want to see me happy) pointing me in one direction, I figured it out for myself
I listened to the inner voice I should have been listening to all along
I told the guy I wouldn’t be doing the trek because some divine intervention whether it be God or what have you was pointing me in another direction (I needed to come up with whatever bullshit I could to get out of this) and he said he already made plans some deposit would need to be paid for
He asked for 20% which I told him I could not and would not pay for, to which he said he would see what he could do after talking to all the people, including porters, cooks, permits, supply stuff, etc.
In the meantime, I went through my Lonely Planet for most of the day to plan out my India trip and look for any further advice and scams I should be made aware of
Later on the one usual younger likely around my age foot soldier took me for a walk around town through essentially nothing for which I surmise was to keep me distracted and prevent me from learning anything else from Lonely Planet that these houseboat guys wouldn’t want me to know about
Heard reports of the apparent continuous threat of landslides in the area that shut down the road from Srinagar to Leh on a somewhat regular basis but with this recent one accumulating a death toll
Back at the houseboat I ate the same old same old food of thali which again pissed me off for what I paid but I was thankful I didn’t fall into the trap of another scam or bullshit scheme from these motherfuckers
We hung out once again at night with the usual routine which was probably the only worthwhile part of staying on this houseboat
The celebration was on with Ramadan being completed and the official announcement of Eid occurring tomorrow


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