Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 221: Srinagar from Above

Emil and I went on a park past Nehru Park to the top of Shankaracharya Hill with its small Shiva Hindu temple built atop

First actual legitimate physical exercise in some time especially after lazying about on the houseboat
Long winding road to the top
Met a local Kashmiri and a French girl near the top as they were descending. Made plans with them to meet up later
Got a nice view at the top of Srinagar realizing how truly big of a city it actually is with wide angled views of Dal Lake to the far right and it’s mountainous backdrop and the further off Nagin Lake
Didn’t see temple due to overly critical security that would have required us to leave our bags with them and since I no longer trust a single motherf’r to save my life I wasn’t going to go that route
Relaxed and ate at the restaurant we seemed to call our regular place
Went to meet the Kashmiri, the French girl, and two guys, an Aussie and a Canadian, Emil knew from Delhi, all the while hearing chants and catcalls for shikara rides and houseboats
All I wanted to do was raise two firm birds into the sky in their direction and loudly and proudly say ‘piss off you sick evil pricks’
Met the group and we walked to a park to drink
Some Muslims were sensitive to us drinking here but as Omar the Kashmiri said they don’t give a fuck either as they will drink during Ramadan
Apparently this tattooed, flat brim hat wearing Kashmiri as seemingly young as he was was respected in the area
Went to drink with our feet hanging off the edge over Dal Lake as the sun began to sat while we passed several smokes
Later boarded a shikara for some reason and went for a long calm ride around the lake even passing my houseboat which required me to stoop down and hide my presence as the devils that they are roamed hauntingly aboard their stagnant floating pirate ship
Boat some hash for some reason through Omar
Once back on shore the boatmen wanted an outrageous tip
When we gave him something reasonable he didn’t accept but later returned with his friendliness all but having disappeared wanting more than what was required
Very late in the late at this point
Gate to Hotel Swiss was locked
Banged on the gate for awhile with no reply in return
Eventually I tried climbing it with the pointed top tempting a renewed circumcision if I didn’t balance it just right
Luckily the lights turned on and the hotel Swiss owner opened the gate
The Canadian and Australian had to stay the night in our room since their host called Papa was one of the great godfathers in all of Srinagar could not arrange a pickup this late at night
Went to sleep 

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