Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 222: Market Shopping Srinagar

Today we went into town once again having delayed our efforts to go to Gulmarg to spend some time away from Srinagar and be within the bosom of nature due to last night’s activities

Needed to do some serious shopping to assemble some gear for the big trek coming up

Realized we were far from ready to begin this trek with many people signed up long ago in advance for this
Luckily we got away with not needing any doctor’s note
Bought some used long pants, a stretch of waterproof material for my bag, and long sleeve shirts while bartering with locals
In one occurrence I even got a shop to submit to my order after I walked away and heard them ten seconds later whistling to get my attention and back to buying at the price I designed
It was nice for once to walk around and not get hassled by locals
Went to THE place to eat in Srinagar called Ahdoo’s to sample some fine Indian cuisine within the embrace of A/C
Disappointing tandoori chicken, naan, Kashmiri Kehwa tea, and others
Got a couple beers and smoked our hash in the back courtyard of Hotel Swiss with me finally figuring out to smoke it properly
Chatted with some cliche hippy Californians towards the end of the night but still left enough time to get some sleep so that we could be ready for our early wake up to make a run at the Batamalu bus station that would get us to Gulmarg finally at long last

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