Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 232: Stalled in Sonamarg

Got to taxi stand quarter to six to get a spot in a share jeep to Leh
Ended up with a group of four others including a German Christopher, Polish Maciek, Austrian Sebastian, and a crazy mix Arletty, plus two other Indians not including to our luck what turned out to be a great driver
Had a good pace with no traffic to attempt this likely 14 hour drive to Leh that would cover nearly 450 kilometers of demanding road
Once in Sonamarg we find out the road is closed for an unpredictable amount of time
Got myself some freshly baked heavenly delicious Kashmiri bread: 3 to 5 rupees per piece
I got to check out their bread oven
Went to check on road which didn’t look promising with two crane/truck/earthmovers/scoopers one working on each end barely getting much done, especially with the one playingly sloshing around in the watery mud
Maciek and I played an ‘I Spy’ game of sorts of pointing out the overly affectionate guys with how they hold eachother’s hands draping their arms over each other and all the rear while you won’t see that between a guy and a girl
Got to spend some time bonding the five of us
For having to be stuck for so long, I got very lucky with the people I ended up with
Took room that was overpriced upon hearing we would have no choice to spend one night in Sonamarg and possibly two depending on the progress of clearing the road for the following day
Spent quite some time together getting to know one another the five of us sharing one room with only one bed available

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