Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 233: The Harrowing Ride to Leh

Road was announced as open

Wet laundry

Adamant that I wasn’t going to pay one cent of the price for laundry we agreed upon
As upset as they were and how guilty they tried to make me feel, I wasn’t going to budge one inch staunchly holding firm 

Got through muddy now opened pass
Scary road up through mountains over a road that dared not to be called one:
Road was barely wide enough for two lanes of traffic, some vehicles behind were too impatient and tried to pass, danced on the edge of this muddy road where the jeep could have easily tipped over or slid careening to the bottom to our deaths, and traffic did a deadly tango as always just barely avoiding collision
At times I genuinely fear for my life and wondered if this was supposed to be the end of my trip and my life
Chanting hymn like tunes as crazy as they were, whatever I could do to distract me from what was occurring
Many evidences of other landslides
Extremely thankful this ride wasn’t completed in the dark
Beautiful sweeping views of the mountains and valleys but I was too panicked and paranoid to truly appreciate them
How to make chapati; shoving the bread against the inner side of a scalding cylinder oven
Eventually got to Leh in the night and had to find a guesthouse
I found the cheapest place of them at 500 and 600 rupees per night for what I thought was a fair value with a lovely family but it was located at the end of a long narrow shit stain clogged street
Got first taste of Wonderland cafe and restaurant for what turned into our mainstay


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