Expecting the Unexpected in India Day 234: Private Tony

Searching out travel agencies to see what our trekking options

Although I didn’t have initial plans for it since I originally sought out the solo trekking possibilities of the valleys, Christopher and Sebastian turned me and maciek onto the idea of trekking to the top of Stok Kangri a 6153 meter mountain which would likely be my only chance at summiting a mountain 6K high
On the way to the palace in search of places selling trekking shoes since my soles were falling apart I stumbled into a trekking outfit I trusted run by a German speaking Ladakhi of all ironic things
Best lassi, freshly mixed with all the densely packed fatty buttery and sugary milky flavoring
Leh Palace with Buddhist flags, many rooms, and great views of city and outskirted mountains as it rose 9 levels high
Fort above the palace with higher presence above the city
Maciek and Sebastian were getting haircuts so I joined them knowing I was due for one
I jokingly toyed with the idea of getting the same style as Sebastian who cuts his hair nearly bald but when they dared me I figured why the hell not, what do I have to lose
So with a wager of a beer and dinner, I set out to shave it down to the lowest I have had since before I was ten hours old to the point I looked prepped for the army
Haircut for 50 rupees (40 normally but with my afrolike hair I was the exception) and a 40 rupee shave and essentially massage
Amazing dinner that I wasn’t afraid to order the most expensive food on the menu including my first taste of naan in India
Happy belly with the food and beer
Friendlier people of this area with starkly different complexions, having warmer personalities, Tibetan way
Leh is basically little Israel or little tel aviv with all the Israeli youth hanging around

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